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Empowering learners with math's skills through low-cost but high-impact resources.

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Anacapa Academy Ltd, provides a unique 'specialised' and innovative approach to math teaching. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support to both learners and ... Read more

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Our primary aim is to enhance the "life chances" of all learners, ensuring equal access for everyone.

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To achieve this, we have kept our costs low, providing affordable, high-impact resources and the option of low-cost online tuition. However, we recognise that even these expenses may still be a barrier for some learners.

In response we are taking further steps to be socially responsible by providing links to free consolidation exercises. Our commitment lies in enabling everyone to participate, learn, and improve their life chances without feeling excluded due to financial constraints.

We firmly believe in the right of all individuals to access education and opportunities for personal growth. By promoting equal access and inclusion, we are working towards a more equitable and empowered learning community.

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  • Testimonials

    Nisbets Ltd.

    We recently engaged Anacapa Academy to assess our workforce's basic numeracy skills. The results were revealing: 80% of our current employees had significant deficiencies with their basic math.

    As a result, we were able to re-deploy some individuals to roles that better suited their skills. This has enabled us to become a more productive and cost-effective hub.

    We are confident that they will lead to a number of positive outcomes, including increased productivity, reduced errors, improved customer service, and increased employee satisfaction. We are now collaborating with Anacapa Academy and actively planning to support our employees with basic numeracy classes to raise attainment levels. We believe that these classes will be a valuable investment in our employees and for our organisation and to fulfil our social responsibility.

    Basic numeracy skills are essential for success in today's workplace. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to develop these skills, so that they can reach their full potential.

    Daniel Moore.

    Head of European Operations.

    Nisbets BV.

    Eindhoven, Holland.


    Tyldesley School.

    Anacapa Academy was initially engaged in school to develop the numeracy skills of pupils that have significant gaps in knowledge due to varying factors; most pupils on roll also have an EHCP. The interlinked kinaesthetic techniques for basic numeracy had an immediate impact on the learners, enabling them to overcome difficulties that had historically caused them to disengage with maths. The resources, session notes, and plans are perfectly pitched and have enthused many learners.

    Jemma Westby

    Head Teacher